Johhny tips them out for Reefton.

If it weren't for the stunning performance of Graduate Under Fire on debut for the stable, Friday may have been considered a little bit disappointing. Today's Reefton meeting in Westport, offers another chance for redemption for some based on their first day runs.


John offers his thoughts on the day:    

Race 5 - Kaiteri Bay - "Ran well below expectations on day one from his 2nd line draw. He is a far better horse than that and drawn the frontline today has a chance to go forward and produce a performance more befitting of his true ability. Hopefully at least a place chance".

Race 6 - Cabo Wabo - "Like Kaiteri Bay, very dispappointing on day one. He has drawn well and this field looks a lot easier on paper than Friday. If he can't get a slice of it today then he has really started to go backwards in his campaign".

Race 7 - Graduate Under Fire - " I was expecting an improved run from him on Friday, but to do what he did was amazing. Dad was speaking to Ray (Beale) and he was absolutely stoked with the performance. This field is definitely a step up, but it will take a very good horse to beat him providing he backs up which I am sure that he will".

Race 8 - Formidable -  "Was clearly pleased to be back on his favourite track on Friday. I thought the run was tops and they only got to us in the last 50m. The 3200m will hold no fears and you would be wanting to get on eachway again".

Race 9 - Rome's Burning - "I sort of blame myself for Friday. He actually began too well for his own good. He is very well and providing we get the start sorted this time he is definitely a winning hope. He is really thriving at the moment".

Outside drives:

Race 2 - Elle Galleon - Got it wrong on day one, but huge on ability and if she got it all right, would probably be too good for them.

Race 3 - Mapua Mabel - Wasn't bad on day one but again gets 2nd line draw so will need luck.

Race 4 - Midnight Poacher - Is poorly drawn and will need a ton of luck.

Race 10 - The Peace Monkey  - Did things right, when many others didn't on Friday. Definitely a place hope again, but for those that missed it Friday, Patch Bromac of Gavin Smith's would probably be as good a bet as there is going around around today if he trots the journey.       



Posted: Sun 10 Mar 2013