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Junior Drivers Qualifying Points

The latest update of points in the New Zealand Junior Drivers qualifying sees Samantha Ottley a runaway leader in the South and Zac Butcher a convincing leader in the North.

Points - North Island

Zac Butcher - 41

Josh Dickie - 31

Andrew Veint - 22

Simon Lawson - 16

Roydon Downey - 14

Andre Poutama - 11

Points - South Island

Samantha Ottley - 62

Brad Williamson - 47

Matthew Williamson - 47

Jack Trainor - 38

Robbie Close - 34

Rory McIlwrick - 33

Drivers Premiership

After 7 wins last weekend, Dexter has continued his charge at the top of the premiership, with 152 wins, he is now 55 wins ahead of the chasing bunch led by Ricky May. Ricky on 97 wins and with a good book this weekend looks likely to crack the 100 wins for the season at short notice.


Dexter Dunn - 152

Ricky May - 97

David Butcher - 90

Matthew Williamson - 90

John Dunn - 84

Trainers Premiership

After a stellar day on premier day last Saturday, the Mark Purdon stable have put a big dent in the premiership aspirations of the Cran Dalgety and Robert Dunn stables.On 97 wins and with a host of winning chances this weekend, the century looks firmly on the cards.


Mark Purdon - 97

Cran Dalgety - 81

Robert Dunn  - 78

Geoff Small - 62

Greg and Nina Hope - 52

Horsham Drivers Champs

On Monday, Dexter is off over the Tasman to defend his crown at the Horsham Invitation Drivers Championships. This is the 23rd installment of this event and features many of Australia's top reinsmen including Chris Alford, Greg Sugars and Darryl Douglas.   



Posted: Thu 16 May 2013