Mach Banner big mover in cup rankings

After outstanding runs in the past 2 weeks - 2nd Maurice Holmes Vase, 3rd Hannon Memorial - Mach Banner has deservedly been a major beneficiary in today's new cup rankings.  After the initial round of rankings, 3 September (ranked 21st), he has now jumped into 15th berth in the revised rankings. There are a number of well regarded runners hard on his heels however, so the consistency of performance will be critical over the next month.  

The new rankings are:

1.Terror To Love


3. Four Starzzz Flash

4. Mah Sish

5. Caribbean Blaster

6. Franco Ledger

7. Highview Tommy

8. Christen Me

9. Easy On The Eye

10. Fly Like An Eagle

11. Bitobliss

12. Pembrook Benny

13.Suave Stuey Lombo

14. Jason Rulz

15. Mach Banner

16.Choise Achiever

17. Jarcullembra

18. Gomeo Romeo

19. Ellmer Hanover

20. Elusive Chick

21. Field Officer

22. Besotted

23. Sleepy Tripp

24. Motu Crusader

25. River Black

26. Pass Them By

27. Pemberton Shard

28. Cheer The Lady

29. Smiling Star

30. Jimmy Johnstone

31. Captain Peacock

32. Light In Every Day

33. Better To Be Bad

34. Kiwi Ideal

35. Phantom Grin

36. Cam Before The Storm

Posted: Tue 17 Sep 2013