Dexter to support Southland Koru Care

Over the 7 years of his driving career to date, Dexter has become a familiar and very popular face in the deep south. It was with this in mind that he readily accepted a request to support the fundraising efforts of Koru Care Southland.

The Koru Care Southland Charitable Trust funds overseas holidays for children with illnesses and disabilities. Fundraising is done by Southland volunteers. Chris Reynolds, chairman of the trust established a similar relationship earlier this year with Southland galloping trainer Sean Bellew.  Local businesses have pledged support to those runners wearing the distinctive white and green Koru care colours.

"We'd looked at taking advantage of Dexter's popularity down this way for some time," said Chris. "I think we're nearly there with it all now. The colours have been made and it is now just a case of having them ratified by HRNZ." I've got a heap of guys who are keen to support the initiative which will hopefully see Dex on the track in the colours by the end of October". 

The plan is that each day Dex drives down south, he will wear the new colours. It will rely upon the goodwill of owners and trainers but the feeling is that they will only be too willing to support the idea. Each day the colours are worn will be supported by a local business, with the money they pay for supporting the day all going to the trust. "Essentially Dex will be driving to help a Southland kid to get to Disneyland," said Mr Reynolds.









Southland Racing Club president Sean Bellew, left, and Koru Care Southland chairman Chris Reynolds decked out in the Koru Care Southland racing colours earlier this year. These will be very similar to those to be worn by Dexter.

Posted: Sun 29 Sep 2013